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The 2015 January ISS Show has finished. After a long journey, <a href="http://www.cstown.com/">CSTOWN</a> team got back home with a fabulous victory. Although as an experienced exhibitor, we are familiar with all kinds of shows in the US, still, it has been an amazing memory on ISS Show this time which wed like to share!

Spring Time of Hot-fix Blings
The first impression we got from ISS was that the <a href="http://www.cstown.com/">hotfix sparkle transfer</a> is still a hot niche!!!
We all know that in the apparel accessory field, the 2 most common types of clothing accessories are non heat printing and heat printing. Within the non heat printing, over 70% business is screen printing and over 20% is embroidery. And in the heat printing market, almost all vendors are working with heat transfer. The hotfix rhinestone transfer is just a tiny small part in heat printing accessory. Thats the main picture we had from years' experience, which was proved on the ISS Show as well.

As expected, most exhibitors who attended ISS were suppliers of heat transfer, screen printing and embroidery, or the mix of all. Most of them are experts in their business domains. From our busy chatting with and introducing our products to exhibitors who came to our booth in the tow and a half days' event, many of them were so attracted with the pretty iron-on transfers we specially brought to the show, which were truly gorgeous. I have to swear that!

Many of these visitors have years of experience in clothing decoration but seldom played with bling transfers. They are eager to expand their product scope and rhinestone transfers are their first choice.
Besides, most of them are quite familiar with using heat press machines, which means they are clear about <a href="http://www.cstown.com/how-to-iron-on.html">the application of iron on rhinestone transfers</a>.
That is to say, after several years of market messing and coldness, the bling hot-fix transfer is coming back to its spring time.

Knowledge to Be Spread out
While people are getting interested in hotfix rhinestone transfers, most of them are still new to its core knowledge. For example:
how to define product classes by the color of back-glue;
how to distinguish rhinestone samples by heat pressing and rubbing;
how to recognize the washing durability of the hotfix transfers through washing test report;
what rules should be obeyed during designing;
what is the pb content standard of childrens wear according to CPSIA.
Therefore, above knowledge and techniques is our responsibility to teach to more people and spread out.

What <a href="http://www.cstown.com/">CSTOWN</a> Offers
Another phenomenon we experienced was that rather than prices, visitors were more concerned about the product durability and quality, production and delivery time, and minimum order quantity (MOQ). Of course, price is surely important, to save cost. But more and more people are aware that you cant just chase after the low price at the cost of sacrificing the quality or receiving unpleasant service.

About CSTOWN product quality, its a profound topic so we are not going to explain in detail here. But you can learn more on our webpage: <a href="http://www.cstown.com/your-custom-rhinestone-transfer-expert.html">Your Custom Rhinestone Transfer Expert</a>.
The second point most customers care about is the turn-around time. That is, how long they can receive their orders. Our answer is, the fastest turn-around time is 3 days and the longest 7 days.
---Usually, we finish production within one day from the moment we receive customers payment. And the rest 2 to 6 days are for the international delivery (as you know, we are located in China).
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): many customers, especially many shop owners told us they got rejection from many other Chinese rhinestone transfer suppliers because these suppliers always require big order quantity.
---CSTOWN is not one of them. But we do have minimum order quantity: at least 12 pieces for each of customers custom design; 6 pieces for each of our CSTOWN existing design.
---Yeah, we are proud to say it is quite customer-friendly requirement. (giggling here)

In summary, our <a href="http://www.cstown.com/trade-shows.html">attendance to 2015 January ISS Show</a> was a great chance to have face-to-face communication with customers and to know the market better. On knowing the real desire of the market, well serve customers with more professional skills, knowledge and attitude.

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www.cstown.com - Enjoy Free Custom Rhinestone Transfer Design Service.


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